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Occupational Therapy for Children

We are here to help families and children with a wide range of abilities to reach their goals. 

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Malgorzata "Gosia" Grzybowska

Gosia is the founder of Sunray Occupational Therapy Services LLC and has been living and working in the DC metropolitan area for over 30 years.

Since graduating from Howard University in 1998, Gosia has been in practice as an occupational therapist  focusing on pediatrics. She enjoys working with children of varying ages and abilities and their families, and she believes in a client-centered approach that builds on each child’s individual strengths. 



Treatment Sessions
(Direct or Virtual)
in Private or in a Group



Parents Recommend

Sikka Family

"Gosia has been providing OT services to our daughter for over two years.  She has a wonderful ability to connect with young children and our daughter looks forward to their sessions.  Gosia is constantly assessing our daughter's progress, making changes to her exercises as appropriate.  She is very creative in her approach, coming up with new ways to teach our daughter new skills, which creates an environment where our daughter is motivated and excited to continue to practice her exercise at home.  Gosia also has a wonderful personality and is very open to feedback from us.  Our daughter has made incredible progress since first working with Gosia and we feel fortunate to have met her."

Dawn and John

“We enthusiastically recommend Sunray Occupational Therapy with Gosia! She has provided occupational therapy for our seven-year old son for over a year now and we have definitely noticed improvements after working with Gosia! She has not only helped him with his gross motor skills with fun exercises, but she has also assisted with his fine motor skills (writing, cutting, drawing). Our son looks forward to working with Gosia because she makes therapy fun by incorporating age appropriate games and even music to keep him engaged. She's innovative and creative with getting our son to practice skills that otherwise would be difficult to motivate him to do. Gosia also has a great ability to sense when our son is getting "bored" or "tired" and can redirect him to get a full hour of therapy in without him having any melt downs. It has been a delight to work with Gosia this past year!”


“Gosia has been working closely with my family on a weekly basis for the past several years. Most weeks, Gosia has come to our home to teach my son. She has also provided some online instructions. Gosia assigns meaningful homework so we can practice on the days that we are not with her. My son grows stronger from these assignments. Specifically, Gosia has helped my son to improve his core strength, crossing the midline, coordination, fine motor skills, hand strength, sensory processing, adapting to unexpected situations, etc. Gosia is beyond caring, accommodating, conscientious, trustworthy, and dependable. I give her my highest professional recommendation, and I have referred her services to my friends and colleagues.”

Evelina Family

“Our family has been working with Gosia for over a year and a half. Her experience with children on the spectrum was immediately apparent. Gosia has been such a help for our family and we cannot thank her enough for the work she has done with our son.”



Sunray Occupational Therapy Services, LLC

Phone (571) 228-4210  


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