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Get to Know the Staff
at Sunray Occupational Therapy Services and Their Philosophy



Malgorzata "Gosia" Grzybowska

Gosia is the founder of Sunray Occupational Therapy Services LLC and has been living and working in the DC metropolitan area for over 30 years.

Since graduating from Howard University in 1998, Gosia has been in practice as an occupational therapist focusing on pediatrics. She enjoys working with children of varying ages and abilities and their families, and she believes in a client-centered approach that builds on each child’s individual strengths. She maintains current national and state licensure by regularly attending a variety of continuing education conferences and workshops to further her knowledge in pediatric occupational therapy. Gosia has completed a wide variety of training in the areas of treatment, assessment and supervision that include "Handwriting Without Tears", TEACCH® Autism Program, PECs Exchange, visual and auditory processing strategies for executive function, overcoming dyslexia and other learning disabilities, among many more.

in 2020, Gosia participated in creating video content for a course for Fordham University's Master's Degree Online Learning Program in Early Childhood Special Education.


Proficient in additional languages: Polish and Spanish

In her free time, Gosia enjoys playing tennis, walking, reading and knitting.




Sunray Occupational Therapy Services, LLC

Phone (571) 228-4210  


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